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Capture d’écran 2020-08-07 à 14.17.02.

There are places where you feel right at home as soon as you set foot there ... This is the case with La Suite By AG, a new shopping store in Geneva. Whether you stumble upon it or are looking for lively fashion concentrated nowhere else, the address has the warm charm of the familiar. Its boho chic colorama, its leopard-clad fitting rooms, its comfy luxury and, of course, its sparkling fashion evoke tasty images ...


On the menu ? Monoki, R13, Marie Lichtenberg, Arizona Love and a whole list of beautiful and good-for-morale brands, carefully sourced with respect for a bohemian and energizing DNA. Mixing influences, proclaiming a joy of life, feminine, well-made and easy-going fashion ... La Suite By AG advocates the quintessence of know-how, heterogeneity, sharing and, cherry on the cake, a little grain of madness that changes everything.


And as the elegance here is not about power or labels, but rather about pleasure and rarity, selections and drops come and go and different between the site and the store to endlessly offer customers - of all styles and all ages - new favorites. In short, a natural equation of good taste and gypsy attitude that make La Suite By AG a great paradise for chic find.

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